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"Garden Design Specialists"

A garden that has been designed will ensure that you get the most out of your outdoor space. We pride ourselves on creating designs that inspire and impress.

Patio Projects

Complete Makeover

Small Garden Project

Our patio projects tend to start from £5000. The cost of your patio will depend on size, levels and materials chosen.  

Our complete makeover projects start from £15,000 upwards.  The cost will depend on a number of factors such as size of your garden, levels, number and scale of features and materials chosen.  We can design a garden to fit your budget. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

If you are looking for a one-off small project (that does not require a design) such as raised bed(s), new flower bed(s), pergola installation etc these projects usually start from £3,000.

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Creating the garden of your dreams

Whether you are looking for a traditional, modern or low-maintenance garden, we can design it for you. We will work closely with you to create a garden to suit your needs and we can also provide ideas and create unique features which you may not have considered. We go one step further by helping you to visualise your project as, along with your 2D design, we can produce 3D computer generated pictures which show you what your finished garden will look like. We have built a great reputation for designing and creating gardens that speak volumes with both their character and personality.


*The cost of your design will depend on the size of your garden, levels in your garden and complexity of the design and features. To find out how much your garden design will cost contact us today!

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2D Plan 2.png
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Our design process


Initial design consultation

We'll visit your home to discuss your vision for your garden. We will understand your aspirations and aim to create a beautiful garden within your budget. We will bring our portfolio of previous projects that may give you ideas to enhance the look of your garden.


Further consultation and site survey 

When you choose Fuller Landscaping for garden design services, we will perform a site survey and gather all the information required to create your garden design. We also take a note of the surrounding area and the impact that it may have on your garden. We can advise you on whether or not planning permission is needed for things like boundary fences.


Second site survey

Sometimes during the design process a second site visit is required to confirm or discount a theory. In some cases extra measurements may also need to be taken. We always place an emphasis on good planning and getting it right first time for each and every client.



Once a concept has been agreed, the designer will then create the final garden design. This plan will show all the details of your garden including both soft and hard landscaping and will include recommendations for materials and any agreed features. Our designs are done with the latest software. This allows us to create both 2D and 3D visuals for you.


Plan presentation

Your design will be presented to you along with a proposal for the construction work.  We will talk you through the plan and answer any queries that you may have.  If there are any minor alterations these can be discussed, and the plan will be amended to reflect these.  We want you to love the visions we have for your garden and be as excited about it as we are!



Once the design and materials have been finalised, we will provide you with a proposal for your garden project. We can also discuss timescales for carrying out the work and get you booked in on our timetable. Just before we start, our Project Manager will visit, so they can ensure that your project will run as smoothly as possible and that our team have everything they need to create your perfect garden.

Redefines your space and shapes your environment

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We can design the garden of your dreams. To discuss your requirements contact Fullers Landscaping today.

Call Jo or Zoe in the office to discuss your project.

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