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The team at Fullers Landscaping have been transforming gardens in Lincolnshire and Newark since 2001. We have a fantastic reputation and our garden transformations speak for themselves.

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Our team love nothing more than helping people to truly love their garden. We bring a range of solutions to every outside space and take you through the whole transformation from planning and design to construction and completion. Take a look through a small sample of some of our previous projects and get in touch to find out more.

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Garden to complement the house

Project Year: 2021

Location: Collingham, Nottinghamshire

This garden was created to complement the clients amazing house. The clients wanted several areas for both formal and informal gatherings, and a natural water feature. 

The project involved work to the front, sides, and rear of the property. Due to the property being set back from the road, there was amble room at the front to create a driveway and accommodate a grass area. Before you make your way into the back garden, along the side of the house, is a seating area, which is a bench flanked by two raised beds. These raised beds are near to the side door which leads to the kitchen, therefore they are being used to grow herbs and salad due to the easy access, however it is also a lovely area to sit and enjoy a morning coffee.

The rear garden consists of several seating areas each using individual materials. The main eating area was created using porcelain paving with various shades of grey. This then leads to an area underneath a balcony which is formed with porcelain planks. The step up to the covered area is emphasised with mosaic tiles. These tiles are also used within the main water feature as they create a bridge which ties these two seating areas together.  This water feature provides a soft rippling sound as the water flows into a pond which is surrounded by rocks and cobbles. The Lilies and other plants in the pond finish off this feature and help to create a wildlife habitat.  

Overall, the feel of the garden compliments the house and gives a useable space all year round.  It is a modern garden but feels like it has been in place for years due to the natural feel of the pond.

Low Maintenance Garden

Project Year: 2020

Location: Wragby, Lincolnshire

The client wanted part of their garden completing to provide a seating area and a low maintenance feature which worked alongside their existing covered area.


Low maintenance gardens do not need to be boring. You can create a feature which provides interested and colour but will not require a huge amount of maintaining. We achieve this for our client by creating a scree garden.


A scree area tries to emulate nature, but having rocks and stones positioned so they look like they have arrived there naturally. We have then used planting that like good drainage, which add structure and colour to the feature.


Due to the bi-folding doors indoor living space become part of the outdoor area. The colour of the paving compliments the indoors and the slatted fence finishes off the space with its contemporary feel and providing privacy.

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Personalised Space

Project Year: 2020

Location: Grantham Lincolnshire

This was a small garden with big potential.  The sheds were existing along with a natural lawn and paving. 

By using clean lines and low gabions walls we were able to create an outdoor space that is unique.  The timber raised border means that some interest is given to the garden, and they work well with the rock filled gabions.  These structures are not very high, but it is just enough to draw your eye. The artificial grass is low maintenance. 

They have two distinct areas, one near the house for eating, and the larger one further away for entertaining.  The furniture that the clients added finish off this garden and makes it their own.  

Private and Contemporary Garden

Project Year: 2020

Location: Ingham Lincolnshire

The property is positioned above the road, with the garden wrapping around the property.  Originally it was made up of a paved area and lawn.  The level of the back garden was below the back door and, without steps, meant the access to the garden from the rear door was difficult.  Furthermore, at the back, on one side of the garden is a large tree which provides a considerable shaded area.
The brief from the client was that they wanted a modern, low maintenance outdoor entertaining space.  Along the back of the house are large windows and a conservatory and so they also wanted it to be attractive to look at from inside and look good at night. 

The design included several areas, but we made sure they were not disjointed, and that the garden flowed as you made your way round.  It involved several seating areas to ensure that the clients could get the sun during various times of the day and have a number of vantage points.  The path that runs all the way around the property starts on the left side of the house, and initially leads you to a scree area along one side and along the other, which is the boundary are pleached trees which sit in front of larch slatted fence. 

As you turn the corner you see a paved area in the corner of the garden with an arbour providing the first seating area.  To keep the garden low maintenance artificial grass and low maintenance planting was used.  The path leads past the artificial grass and steps have been created to raise the level of the garden.  
This higher level has a porcelain paved area providing the second seating area, and further steps which take you up to the back door.  These steps are surrounded by a glass balustrade and the area at the top can be used as another seating area.  As the balustrade is glass it enables you to view the garden from inside.  

Moving from the porcelain paved area you go to a footpath made of porcelain planks which is framed by timber arches which continue round to the other side of the property.  To the left of the footpath directly under the tree we created a woodland lawn which was created using Soleirolia Soleiroli, which is also known as mind-your-own-business or mother of thousands.  Soleirolia is a fast growing, mat-forming perennial with creeping, rooting stems bearing small, rounded leaves and inconspicuous pinkish flowers. It is perfect, low maintenance planting for this type of area.

To the right of the footpath, which is still under the shade of the tree, we created a fearnary.  A fearnary is also sometimes called a stumpary.  This was created using of a variety of rocks and cobbles, like a scree garden but it is planted with ferns.  This was the perfect planting to use as they are shade tolerant.   
As you go round to the far side of the house you are led to the final seating area which is surrounded by larch slatted fence and low maintenance planting.   
To enable the garden to be used at night, we installed lighting at various locations throughout the garden.  This can be controlled with a remote control and means the clients can change the colour of the lighting and the level of brightness.  

This project enabled us to use many skills and create an amazing garden which ticked all the boxes of the client’s requirements.  It is a great addition to our portfolio.

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