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Benefits of landscaping your garden in the Winter....

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Autumn is always a good time to be thinking about and starting a garden re-design project even if you are wanting to do it yourself.

There are a number of reasons why having landscaping done during the winter is the better option.

· By buying landscaping materials in wintertime can result in significant savings. The price of some landscaping materials goes down during the winter as there is less demand. This means that some projects could be more cost effective. Prices can then increase in spring as the demand rises.

· Also if you going to get a professional in to carry out the work you may find that they can do it more quickly. There can be lower demand for such work during the winter months and so your local landscaper will not be as busy and therefore able to get your project completed in a shorter time scale.

· Hard landscaping can cause disruption to existing plants. While you can do everything possible to minimise damage during the winter most plants are dormant and so the risk of any long-term damaged is greatly reduced.

· By planning ahead you will be able to enjoy your garden when summer arrives next year. While others are just starting to plan their projects and realising that their local landscaper is booked up and therefore unable to carry out their requirements until the end of summer you will be able to kick back and enjoy your fantastic outdoor space.

There are a few things you do need to bear in mind, such as the weather. Snow or rain can have an impact on whether work can be carried out, but if there is a frost or threat of one you can use frost proofing additive to cement or mortar mixes and cover new work with a plastic sheeting, sacking or old blankets at night. Another thing is that daylight hours reduce in the winter and so if you decide to get a professional to carrying out the work then don’t expect them to be working until late. Due to health and safety they will not be able to work much beyond 4pm due to lack of light. We have however used floodlighting in the past to meet deadlines. There may be some planting that you want to wait until spring to do, but you could get the majority of your project completed now, and enjoy completing the finishing touches when the weather improves.

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