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Another wonderful year has passed by and January

has already settled in. At the start of the New Year,

wildlife will appear in your garden. It’s time to welcome

some lovely birds! Put on some warm clothes and keep

an eye out for gorgeous species, such as Redwing,

Twite and Snow Bunting. With its unique and colourful

exterior, a particular species that will grace the sky and

land is the gorgeous Waxwing.

Listen for Tawny Owls hooting and Great-Spotted

Woodpeckers drumming. These two species both

begin their courtship displays in winter! Tawny Owls

are at their noisiest from December and great-spotted

woodpeckers begin drumming in January and February.

Woodpeckers nest in holes that they excavate in trees.

In autumn and winter, they will switch to eating berries

and nuts and will visit peanut feeders hung in the

garden. If you spot them from a distance, they have a

distinctive, bouncing flight.

Birds like to shelter in holes in tree trunks or

walls, and while the winter garden is sparse

in foliage of evergreen shrubs such as ivy and

privet hedges. If you have these in your

garden, don’t chop them back too much as

they offer some much-needed respite at this

time of year. You could also hang up a bird

box or some woven roosting pouches – you

can buy inexpensive ones from online shops

or garden centres. Tiny critters will also be

looking for little hidey holes, so gather up

lots of leaves, moss, twigs and bark. If you’re

desperate to tidy up the garden, leave a

slightly unruly area.

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