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Get Your Garden Dressed For Success

Gardens are finally being considered as an extra room of the home and we’re investing more time and money in them. To use your garden as a living space rather than a visiting space for summer use only, its purpose should be just as important as any indoor space.

Ambient Lighting

Extend the use of the garden after the sun goes down. Good garden lighting is essential and can either be incorporated into the garden design, or through the use of candle lit lanterns and Moroccan lamps. Both work well.

Extra Warmth

Maybe this time friends aren’t invited. Fire pits are a great interactive experience to enjoy with the family and to relax around. Portable fire pits are ideal to move around the garden but built in ones offer the whole package. Surround seating means everyone can enjoy the same level of heat and comfort whilst maintaining an all-inclusive arrangement for chatting. Winter nights and starry skies around a fire sounds dreamy, right?

This is a unique fire pit that we installed for a client. It is a tornado jet engine afterburner. A fire pit with a detachable table top.

Use Accessories to Dress to Impress

You can get your garden dressed to impress with accessories! These are hugely popular, and this isn’t only limited to a few garden chairs. Thinking of your home inside out is a great way to explore ideas for dressing your garden. Like interior design, there’s scope for cushions, throws, mirrors, and even clocks into the mix!

Outdoor rugs are on the market now, they’re waterproofed but look exactly like those you would have inside your home. Blankets and candles are super cosy in the cooler nights. All perfectly practical and functional too, adding comfort and creating a ‘room.’

With the summer here enjoy your outdoor space!

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