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Importance of a design

If you are new to gardening or feel that it is time to revamp your outdoor space then now is the time to start. This time of year is perfect for designing your garden so that the construction work can be carried out over the winter ready for the spring and summer.

I believe that a good garden design is imperative. You wouldn’t install a kitchen without first thinking about the layout, what you would like and need in it and colour scheme etc. It is the same with your garden and, like a new kitchen, there are many different designs of gardens to suit all tastes and property types. Maybe you would like a formal garden or one that reflects the Mediterranean, or a cottage garden that is wildlife friendly may be your preference, or an über contemporary style.

I would advise you to consider using a garden designer to assist as a well-designed garden will ensure that it works for you, is done right first time and uses the right materials. I also find, when I am asked to design a garden that I can provide original creative ideas which give my clients a bespoke garden. The things you can think about when giving your designer a brief is the practical things such as parking, the washing line and the kids trampoline but also consider boundaries and walls, the amount and type of planting, paths and patios, the type of furniture and if you would like a water feature. A good designer can assist you with all these areas but if you have a particular style and ideas it can help.

Once you have your design you must be realistic about the time it can take to complete. Again it may be worth getting the professionals in as they will have the machinery and expertise. Some designers, like me, will also be able to undertake the work. I would advise you to ensure that if you get someone to carry out the work that they are a professional. Always ask for a copy of their public liability insurance, pictures of previous work and maybe references from previous clients. You wouldn’t have your new kitchen fitted by someone who didn’t know what they were doing.

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