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Landscaping all year round

It is usually around now that the garden becomes the forgotten part of the house. The long summer days have gone for another year, and so the BBQ is back in the shed along with the garden furniture. However now is the time to be thinking of any big changes and projects that you want to do to the garden. It is all too common for people to wait until the spring before they start to think about the garden again. However you are likely to find that any good landscaper will be booked up during the spring and summer months and so you may not be able to have that project done in time to enjoy the summer.

Landscaping can be carried out all year round. There may be some planting that you want to wait until Spring to do, but the creation of hard landscaping, such as decking, paths, walls or paving, can be done at any time. There are a few things you do need to bear in mind, such as the weather. Snow or rain can have an impact on whether work can be carried out, but if there is a frost or threat of one you can use frost proofing additive to cement or mortar mixes and cover new work with a plastic sheeting, sacking or old blankets at night. Another thing is that daylight hours reduce in the winter and so if you have contractors carrying out work then don’t expect them to be working until late. Due to health and safety they will not be able to work much beyond 4pm due to lack of light. We have however used floodlighting in the past to meet deadlines. Another thing to consider is that hard landscaping can cause disruption to existing plants. While most contractors will do everything they can do minimise damage during the winter most plants are dormant and so the risk of any long-term damaged is greatly reduced.

I have a fabulous team that will work come rain or shine and they are highly skilled landscapers who can create anything from low maintenance gardens with artificial grass to romantic cottage gardens and state-of-the-art ultra-contemporary gardens. Over the last twenty years I have built up a family run business that prides itself on designing and creating gardens that suit each individual client’s budget, regardless of their garden’s size and shape. If you want to make some changes no matter how big or small I would advise you to consider doing them sooner rather than later so you have the perfect outdoor space for next summer.

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