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Hopefully this summer we will have gloriously sunny and hot days, warm evenings and lots of opportunities to enjoy it! However, some of us prefer things a little cooler and don’t like to be in the sun too long. There are many ways that you can ensure you have shade in your garden so you can be outside longer. Of course, if your garden is big enough, planting some trees is a wonderful, long-term solution. If you already have mature trees then you can create an inviting seating area, and then for the evening have some solar lights hanging in the branches. However, if you are starting from scratch trees will take many years to grow, and you won’t benefit from their shade for quite some time, so you may have to think about an instant yet stylish solution.

One of these solutions is Sail Shades. These are fabric structures like a ship’s sail, hung from anchor points to create an area of shade outdoors. They offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to creating a stylish custom shade solution for the garden. Available in many shapes and sizes, these semi-permanent structures can be mounted in almost any position, at any angle and against most surfaces to provide soothing shade for even the most difficult to reach areas. You can take them down and store them over the winter so they last longer, and if you want to make a change to your garden then using a different coloured or shaped sail will give you an instant transformation.

Pergolas can provide shade as a free-standing structure or being attached to a wall. They can be made from timber or aluminium and so you can ensure you get one that suits the size and style of your outdoor space. You can get some which have louvered roofs which will enable you to let some sunlight in if you wish. They can also have detachable or sliding sides. These are great if you already have an existing patio. Aluminum ones tend to be ‘off the peg’ and so will be available in certain sizes, however, we can create bespoke timber ones that will fit the space.

You can use an arbour to create a seating area with shade. These can come in a variety of sizes and are great if you have a small area. Even if they are not used all the time they can create a great focal point in a garden. You can add your own stamp with cushions and add solar lights to make it a great place to sit and enjoy the evening. They are also the perfect place to grow some climbing plants which will create an intimate atmosphere.

Finally, a gazebo can provide a seating area with shade, and again these can come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your garden. Some can come with a choice of roofs – from thatched, to cedar or timber. Arrange some outdoor sofas, cushions, rugs and plant pots inside, and you’ll have created the ideal place to entertain and relax. We have installed one that had removable sides, and heating so it could be used in the warm and colder months of the year.

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