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If you do nothing else in your garden, you should at least get the patio right. The space should be usable, practical and stunning to look at.

Add lighting: When the weather is warm you want to spend as many hours as you can outdoors, which could mean long into the

night. By adorning your patio space with a warm glow creates a cosy atmosphere you can enjoy with your loved ones. This could

be in the form of built in spotlights, candles and lanterns or even bollard lighting, which are especially ideal if you have steps down from or up onto your patio. Practically important as well as creating a mood.

Provide shade: Patios if positioned correctly get the best of the sun in your garden, which is what they are designed for. But sometimes the sun can be a little too much so it’s always best to have the option of shade without having to go inside for respite. Pergolas are attractive and ideal for creating cosy seating areas but also providing that little bit of shade without completely casting a dark shadow. They just take the edge off the scorching sun.

Size matters: Don’t scrimp on space here, patios are the heart of the garden. Just like if you were buying a home, I’m sure your decision would be based on whether the kitchen is big enough for your needs. Think the same way when it comes to your patio. You should have enough space to set your table and chairs with space to pull the chairs out fully and not fall off the patio (especially important if you need a step down from the patio). The minimum rule is 3 by 3 metres. If you are in need of a patio refresh or looking for inspiration for a new garden layout, give our team a call!

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