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When should you start Gardening?

Spring is a busy time but there is a certain time when you need to start gardening.


While you may be excited to start gardening, it is recommended to wait until the outdoor temperatures stay above 10 degrees Celsius, and the soil is workable. If the soil is no longer wet or frozen and can form a ball when you squeeze it in your hand, then it is considered workable.

Starting too early risks killing the beneficial pollinators that overwinter in the debris and do not come out until it is warm enough. Leaf litter and dead plant debris, which some may consider unsightly, are home to many beneficial insects, including Luna moths, butterflies, and native bees.

Here are some things you can do to give a healthy start to your beautiful spring and summer garden;

Prune Perennials. Spring is a good time to prune your perennials, if you did not do so already in the autumn. Pruning triggers new growth and makes sure the plant grows healthy. Depending on when the plant blooms, you will have to wait until after flowered to prune out the old growth. Early blooming shrubs will need to be pruned after blooming in spring, otherwise you might accidentally damage the buds.

Remove winter mulch. As soon as the weather warms up, remove the winter mulch you added to protect the frost-sensitive plants.

Pull out last season’s Annuals. Remove and compost any dead annuals that remain in your garden. They will not return for another season. In the case of self-seeders, they will already be done with their task and can be thrown away.

Weeding. Pull out the weeds before they get a chance to establish themselves. Also, since the ground is typically moist from the winter weather, they are easier to pull out now.

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